Welcome to my blog.  I am a mixed media artist, which to me means I love to create with everything.  I enjoy collage, photography, textiles, ceramics…basically any media that helps me get my point across.

My blog will be a mix of what I see and what I do.  I am a traveler and love adventure.  I cook, I garden, I paint, draw and sew.  I hope you’ll find some inspiration here as I share my artwork, artists I love, and some processes I experiment with.

I am an art teacher, and have been lucky to share my passions with students all over the world.  Currently I am in Brussels,  Belgium, soon to be relocating to Asheville, NC.  I am excited about the transition ahead and what it means for me professionally and personally.

Thank you for visiting my blog.


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  1. Krista ……

    What a pleasant surprise for a sunday afternoon to get an email with your blog info. Good luck with the blog as i think that it is a learning experience, learning wordpress and figuring out what to put on your blog.

    take care …… david

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