In Process: Mixed Media Drawing

A few weeks ago I was a little down becasue I felt so uninspired.  I connected it to my environment.  Living in a big dirty city does not always inspire me to be creative, in fact it does the opposite.  I spent a whole day thinking trying to get my head around creating something more meaningful.   Out of desperation to get something down on paper, you’ll never guess what I decided to draw….yep your guessed it, a bird.

  I took this picture with my Hipstamatic application, so it looks a little peculiar… anyway here it is.  I have been drawing these birds, which really don’t have a species, for a while now.  I just like the way they look and they make me happy (reasons enough).  The plan at the time was to fill the entire paper with them, but then I stopped again, stumped.

…….(insert here special music that signifies time passing)……

Then I started to think about my childhood, which was filled with some good adventures and lots of imagination, but also some loneliness.  I started to think about the times I went to my grandparents and spent hours by their creek and wandering through the forest making up stories.  I also spent a good amount of time making things out of what I found in the forest.  A reoccurring item was a raft.  I tried countless times to make one and float it down the creek in order to get away and live a new adventure.  Needless to say,  it never worked.    So that got me thinking again about the stories I made up as a kid, my desire to escape and explore, and my love for these birds I have been drawing.  What I came up with is the piece I am working on now, which you can see below.


The little girl is enticing the birds to try help her escape her reality.  It relates to my desire to escape on adventures back when I was a child and to my desire at the present moment to escape back to my home and out of this city.  I have an idea to create a small series based on this idea.  I have a lot to work on, and I am having some issues with water-color (an unfamiliar territory); however,  it has been interesting and challenging to work on.  I’ll let you know how it comes out.

Thanks for reading!


16 responses

  1. I like this new has all kinds of mysterious things going on. I will have to show you my kids book birdie which has a similar theme..a lonely child that wears Bird mask..but her adventures are different..

  2. Hi Crystal,
    Congrats on your blog, nice work. I enjoyed reading, looking and sharing in your process. I hope it will energize your creativity.
    Thanks for putting it out there.

    • Thanks sista! I have enjoyed doing this so far and actually look forward to posting stuff. It’s funny but this little blog gets me more and more excited about moving back. Thanks for checking it out.

  3. I love everything about this piece – the color washes, the intent of the girl with the bird mask, the movement of the illustrated birds. It really draws you in! I do hope you decide to create a series following this concept.

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