What Inspires Me: A Whirlwind trip to the Tate Modern

What!  We’re going to London for the DAY??!!…..And so begins the all day adventure of 28 teenagers, my two colleagues, and I.  Off we went to visit the Tate Modern Museum in London.  I was so excited as I had never been.  I knew they had a room dedicated Mark Rothko, one of my all time favorite artists, and I was looking forward to spending some time with his paintings.

We hopped on the EuroStar and off we went………..

After some train delays……………………we finally arrived.  I am always surprised by London and how cramped everything is, especially the Tube….so imagine traveling through central London with 28 teenagers using the metro…YIKES!

Already behind schedule, a fellow traveler thought it was a good time to lose their wallet…and after more delays, we finally arrived at the museum…YES!

We had approximately 3 1/2 hours now to view the collection, have lunch and get back to the train….So I went searching for the Rothko room and… it had been taken down!!!! Gasp, sigh, cry….to quote one of my friends, “somebody call me a waaaaambulance!”  I recovered rather quickly when I saw this work by Do Ho Suh, “Staircase III”

It’s the first time I have had the opportunity to interact with his work in person.  As you approach the room you start to see this curious red glow emanating from it, and then WHAM!  When I walked in, I gasped, it is truly amazing, beautiful, and interactive.

Here is a great short clip of Doh Ho Suh talking about the piece when he was installing it at the Tate Modern.

Here are some other images from the day…

I love traveling with students, they make some incredible observations and really make me laugh.  The day was fun, inspiring, and a whirlwind.  Take care and thanks for reading!


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  1. Oh, I miss London, not to live but to get inspired! I used to go to Tate Modern and all the museums when I lived there for 3 years studying interior architecture, the best place for museums and design!

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