New Work: Mixed Media

This morning I completed a new mixed media work based on one of my previous characters that has shown up in my doodles and in my other mixed media work.

He and his cat showed up during one of professional development days.  Like many people, I listen much better when I can draw at the same time.


I started my mixed media piece by covering some card with paper from the yellow pages and then covered it with this cool wall paint that I found that is a little bit chalky.  I like using telephone paper because of its texture and the way it soaks up paint. After the white paint dried I scratched some of it off and then started putting down thin layers of water-color.

Once I was happy with the surface I drew the boy and his cat using my favorite pen the Staedtler pigment liner (I love these pens!!).  At school we get newspapers to use for whatever purpose and as I was getting some out, I came across these lingerie ads that looked very pop arty and thought one of them would look good on the drawing with the boy.  So I made a tape transfer of it (in another post I’ll explain that process).  I continued with another transfer, the airplane, a light drawing of the blimp, and added some other bits and pieces.  In the end this is what I came up with…

I wanted to create an awkward scene of this boy and his thoughts.  I liked the plainness of the woman and the airplane.  I liked his cat and the possible link that could be made to the woman.  I thought back to a time in my 5th grade language arts class when were learning to use dictionaries.  The teacher asked these boys what they were looking up because they were giggling so much…”Sex,” they said.  Her reaction was: “What would your parents say if I told them that?”  So this is about innocence and how far away we are today from those simple innocent situations that we once experienced.

Take care and thank you for reading!


3 responses

  1. I love this composition, it’s colors and layers, and your transfers are great! I am fond of packing tape transfers, but dislike the glossiness. I look forward to a post on getting good transfers and especially utilizing them! I’m enjoying exploring your blog!

  2. Hey Elizabeth, thank you for your comment and your complement. I love packing tape transfers because the are so fast and non-toxic. I have gotten over the glossiness because I thin it adds another dimension to the work. One way I get around it sometimes is by sanding the surface of the tape lightly. Thanks for coming by and enjoy your day!

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