Finding Time to Breathe

Lately, I have been just trying to find enough time to breathe and my art has consisted of the examples I have done in art class, like this one…

This is a photo of mine printed on photographic paper on an inkjet printer.  The first thing I did was take some bleach and flick it with a brush on the photo.  This created some distress marks on the picture.  When I went to wash the photograph, to stop the bleaching process,  much of the black ink that was in the tree got washed out and I smeared it with my hand.  To get it to dry faster, I ironed it on a high setting.  If you do this, do it in a well ventilated room and put a piece of paper over the photo or you could ruin your iron.  Ironing it caused it to crack.  I repeated the bleaching, washing, ironing process a few times.  I ironed on some small bits of plastic and then added some packing tape transfers.   I titled it “Evidence”

This is what I love to do, experiment, and keep asking “what if?” as I am going along.  When I finished, I knew that I had started to “breathe” again.

Take care and thanks for reading!




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