What Inspires Me: Travel

The past few months have been a WHIRL WIND of life, which has caused me to neglect my creative life and unfortunately this blog….sigh.  Working hard has its benefits and in this case, it came in the form of VACATION…YES!  I just spent the last two weeks at home in Asheville, in my eyes a little slice of heaven.  Spending time with my sweetie and other loved ones, was good for my spirit, and it has given me the energy to bring my life and work in Brussels to a positive end.

What a wonder it was to do the most simple things…walk barefoot, plant flowers, cook, hike, play with the cat, hold hands…everything I have been missing and can’t wait to get back to.  While this trip was not to an exotic location to experience new things and meet new people, this trip reminded me of what’s important and it has given me direction in both my personal and professional life.  I have come to learn that travel does not have to mean exotic to be meaningful, but it does have to challenge me to think in a different way, and that is exactly what this vacation has done.

Mixed media work:  “Tell me, where are we going again?”  Paint, collage, ink, graphite on paper.  Inspired by travel, challenges, and moving forward.


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