New Work: “Wondering What We Are Made Of”

I started this piece the night I found some dear friends had lost their child as a way to connect to them when I could not be there physically.  I began rather spontaneously, thinking about him and what he would’ve been like when he was older, what he would see and experience.  I wondered what he was seeing now, how he saw the world.  I used his curiosities as inspiration and my own wonder of what we are made of to create this piece.

I used a Chinese newspaper and shopping receipts to cover cardboard and then covered it with a watercolor and graphite wash.  After that the papers started to curl and come off, I liked the effect so I decided to leave it.  The drawings are done in graphite.  Here are some details:

With all the positives and negatives happening in the world and in my immediate environment, I am often left in wonder, longing for a simple life, similar to the one I had as a kid, where really the only worry was where I was going to explore next.  Thanks for reading and take care.


2 responses

  1. Awesome, Krista, I just found this place where I can keep in touch with you via your art work and get to know this part of the expressiveness of you. I’m glad I found this place on the web. Such feeling for your friends in their loss, the depth of the roots that hold your friendship together. I know you will be able to help comfort them in their loss. Blessings for you and them all. And blessings for you and Charles too. Love, Liz.

    • Thanks for stopping by Liz, I am glad you like the blog. It feels good to connect with folks through a different network. I hope you are well and enjoying the Spring. Charles tells me you may come to Asheville for a visit. I am sorry I will miss you. Take care and be happy!

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