Thinking about: Getting my act together!

Today I sat down to do some work.  A few days ago I had started an altered book and had some good ideas swimming around in my head  and wanted to get started on some of the pages.  Sigh….. Well, if you look below, you’ll understand why I am sighing.

Yes, exactly, I know what you’re saying…Girl, how can you work on anything??  Well, it’s real easy, I just pile things up.  However I realized today, by piling things up, I don’t get anything finished because I get distracted by other projects.  Looking at this conglomeration, I see three projects I have not finished:

  • My altered book
  • Recycled bike inner tube bracelets
  • and the storyboard for a graphic novel idea

I can literally spend an entire day going from project to project, never really finishing anything.  Do any of you have the same problem?? Please say yes, even though maybe you don’t  🙂

Well,  30 minutes into my altered book, and I got an idea for the bracelets, so I shoved everything aside, got out my sewing machine, and started sewing….BAHHHHH!!

So I stopped.

And decided enough was enough and got organized…

I worked for an hour, despite hearing the little whimpering cries of my artworks to forget cleaning and work on them.  I let my paint  pallets soak, put everything back in their proper boxes, and scrubbed my table top.  Just so you know, I am a clean person, I shower daily (unless it’s the weekend) and floss my teeth regularly.  I just have a hard time putting things away because I get so excited about working on stuff.

HOWEVER…today I had an epiphany…because I work in a cluttered mess, I never finish my projects.  So now that my work area looks like this:

I’ll be less distracted and work on things for a sustained period of time, and yes…FINISH them.

SO, today was a momentous occasion, I cleaned, I worked, I finished something and……. I’ll write about what I finished another time.

I would love to hear about any organization tips you might have for all the little lose art supply stuff you have floating around or for how you keep your studio organized in general…send pictures, I LOVE to see other people’s creative space.

Thanks for reading and take care!


4 responses

  1. Haha so many projects and so weird to see your work table clean! I see you have the photo I took of you and Insun on your wall, so honored! I hope your work is coming along well.

    • Do you remember how crazy our art room use to get…now you know the real reason 🙂 Yes my work is moving again, lots of ideas, not enough time in the day to get them down. Hope all is well with you 🙂

  2. I loved your post! I feel like artistic people in general have a hard time being weighed down by structure and routine…therefore we like to mess things up sometimes. Yet, our inner sense of order will finally and usually scream out for organization…just so we can have the pleasure of messing things up again 😀

    • Thank you! I was just talking to someone about that idea the other day. I worked in discount store not so long ago and the routine of everything got to me so badly that I would try to do things differently, like use the cash register with my opposite hand 🙂 Eventually routine got the best of me. I also feel like when my work area is a little bit messy, it is more inviting for me to work, it’s letting me know that I have yet to finish some thoughts and I should sit right down and do so.

      Thanks for your comment!

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