New Work: …I need help with a title.

Well, as you may remember I mentioned in my last post that I actually finished an artwork.  Motivated by my recent need to get organized gave me the energy to complete a work I was struggling with.  I wrote about beginning the draing below in an earlier post that you can revisit here.  It is my first illustration type work and I started it with the idea that it could be the basis for a children’s book…maybe.

I have a couple of things to fix, but overall I am pretty pleased with it.  It’s quite large, 50 x 70 cm (sorry I am in Euro land now so I gotta stick with the measurements I know :), and size of it is what made finishing it difficult.  Let me tell you a secret…I got bored…yes, I said it BORED!  That does not usually happen when I work on something unless it is knitting or sewing (the repetative nature of both).  But man oh man, those bricks!  All that freaking cobblestone made me a bit cray-zee.  So note to self, when I work on the other pieces that belong with this story, make them a wee bit smaller if they involve cobble stone or any repetitive object again.

Another issue I am having is figuring out a title.  Right now I refer to it as Girl with Birds…..zzzZZZzzzZ….boring and it does not say anything about the story.  The idea behind the work is escape.  The little girl is trying to entice the birds to help her escape her reality.  I just can’t seem to put the right words together to create an interesting and thought-provoking title taht is not a sentance long.  SO I am hoping that some one that reads this post might come up with a clever idea and if you do, you can have this drawing…ha ha, just kidding, but I’ll think of something to reward the fact that you are a faboulus Wordy!

I hope you have a great day!  Thanks for reading and take care!


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  1. Dear kristaskrede,

    This is a lovely piece of work.

    What about ‘Pecking Out’ for a title, a play on ‘pegging out’ – dying – in this case the long slow death of her self / soul if she doesn’t escape?

    Love Dotty xxx

  2. Krista: I see this illustration as a series of pictures…the little girl with cat ears on, playing with a kitten, the little girl with a pig snout on, looking in at a pen with pigs, etc. I am wondering if in the process of drawing various means of “escape” for the little girl that a title will come. You’ve really gotten me thinking…I love your picture. It really says a lot!

  3. HI buddy! Miss you! and Missed your birthday – hope it was a good one! Nice piece, I’d like to meet the girl in this picture…or maybe I already have? Here’s my suggestion for a title… “Take me with you”.

    • No worries on the birthday thing…I miss you too. You’ve met her all right, and maybe in some ways she embodies at bit of all of us. Thanks for your title suggestion and for stopping by my bog. Lets make plans for the summer!

    • Your idea for the title has got me thinking about Alice in Wonderland when she had the cake that said Eat Me. Your comment has sparked some new thinking about where to take my next works connected to the story. Thank you!

  4. When I see this I think of a negotiation or conference, making a covenant for flight from reality. Something along the lines of “negotiating an escape” or “seeking flight”?

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