The Noises We Make….

The other day, I saw a short compilation of a series of clips from a film that was created by Emile de Antonio. The clips show the exhalations and inhalations of famous painters as they are creating…creative noises.  I can have complete conversations with myself when going through the creative process and not remember a thing I say or make a wide variety of noises for that matter.  It’s like a tea kettle in many instances, you gotta take the lid off to stop the whistling, and sometimes you just gotta release some noise to get rid of the stress or clear your mind, at least I do.

In this video we see de Kooning, Newman, Motherwell, Rauschenberg,  Noland,  Johns &  Poons.

Funny what the creative process can bring out…the title of this video:  Painters Panting…ha ha 🙂

I saw this video on Art Info, which is a great place to see what is happening in the art world.

Take care and thanks for reading.


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  1. What an informative and wonderful resource that site is! Thanks for linking. I think I could easily get lost over there for hours. When I create art, I tend to find myself dancing, wiggling and humming silly tunes. It’s probably an odd sight, but at least I am enjoying myself!

    • I know, I love Art Info. They are one of the only pages on my Facebook feed. The other day I started to think about my blog and how impossible it is with a full time job to make something everyday, so I am trying to find other interesting and creative things to comment on.

      I sing “She’ll Be Coming Around the Mountain” when I am working and really need to get something done, for some reason that song makes me work quickly and stay focused…and it’s the only song I know the words to 🙂 Thanks for stopping by my blog and your comment Elizabeth! Take care.

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