The New Adventurers: Eugene and Lucille

Well, I have been busy lately clearing my brain of all the ideas I have had for new work…I think of it as a fun form of Spring cleaning.  What it really means is that I have been starting new work left and right and that I have a few more irons in the fire.  I am excited and energized by this sudden burst of idea cultivation, it is Spring after all.

So, meet Eugene and Lucille.  You may remember them from an earlier post.  Well at that time they did not have names and it took me a heck of a long time to come up with them.  These characters, Eugene and Lucille, are the beginnings of a much larger art work: an altered book/graphic novel idea I have.

Now there are plenty of ways to alter a book, you can check some examples here and here.  The examples by these artists are pretty amazing, especially the intricate cuttings of  Brian Dettmer…WOWZA!   Here is a good website about graphic novels.  I la la love both art forms, so I am going to try to combine both techniques to make a book about the adventures of Eugene and Lucille.  YEEHAAA!

Here is the first page, I am using a book I bought here in Belgium way back in August. It is the French version of Gulliver’s Travels,  I thought it appropriate to create another adventure book in it.   I had other ideas for it back when I bought it, but they were all so boring to  me…thank goodness, cuz then I would not have a place to put Eugene and Lucille.

This project is a new adventure for me too, I have never written a book and I never made a comic type thingy, but I am real excited and I am having a great time coming up with a quirky story line.  And ya know, any suggestions would be helpful and appreciated.  Y’all were such a good help with generating titles for the work in one of  my previous posts.  A big thanks to the Glowing Wheel for giving me some concepts to consider and keep me going with ideas for that particular series.  Here is her blog, you should check it out…her blog has some great ideas for art journaling and is filled with beautiful work.

Take care and thanks for reading.


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    • Well, basically I am either at home or school, a bit of social life….so it makes it easier to find time to do art. I am also one class short because my year 2 IB students are finished and my schedule two days a week is a bit lighter. Hope you and the fam are well. hugs to all.

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