New Work: A Portrait of Today

I have had this drawing in my head for some time now, and it wasn’t until just recently that I got the composition worked out just the way I wanted it.

The idea for this work came from a series of doodles I had done using the crow and camera characters.  Thinking of those characters I tried to pair them with some other people they might be likely to hang out with…TV guy and Deer guy…logical right?  Along with being good pals, these guys also represent different aspects/characteristics of our society.  I am not going to share with you what they mean to me, but let you decide how to interpret them and this drawing.  The city street is a nod to West Asheville, the place I’ll be moving to in a short time.  It was and I guess still is, a working class neighborhood.  It’s not the most beautiful section of Asheville and it does have its moments of pretentiousness but it also carries good does of reality now and again, and I like that.


I first started by staining the water-color paper with some coffee.  I painted it over a few times and just let it be, I like the random bleed marks that I woke up to the next morning.  Then I drew the characters and the city.  I decided that it needed some color and decided to paint the city street with water-color and darken the sidewalk a bit with water-color too.  The characters are untouched and are the original color of the coffee stained paper.  I like how there is some balance created with the more detailed but colorless drawing vs. the water-color city street.

As I was drawing, I decided that these cats would gel well with Eugene and Lucille, and I got real excited about including them in the story in the graphic novel/altered book idea I have.

As always, take care, thanks for reading and thanks for your comments.  Happy Friday!


6 responses

    • Thank you. I am always afraid the whole step by step thing gets a little boring…but I also know I like to read how fellow artists create things. Thanks for following my blog and commenting! Take care!

  1. Krista, Delightful delicious to see your endless wealth of images as they take shape with your hand and spirit……. When are you back in Asheville? I am excited to be assisting Flo this August at Penland.

    • First of all, thank you 🙂 Second of all, I will be back in Asheville June 23rd. I had already planned on coming up to see Flo and now I am even more excited to be coming to see you too. I had thought of taking the class, but the there were a lot of unknowns, therefore decided against it. Can’t wait to see you!!!

      • Fabulous! , this summer just gets better and better, I have a very dear friend that lives in Asheville we went to art school together next time I visit her we will have to get together, you would like her! Stay safe see you in August!

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