Inside My Sketchbook

This morning I woke up to the realization that we have a loooong weekend…YEEEHAAA!

Which means lots of creative time and the opportunity to take  lots of walks….which I did this morning, back to the flea market.  I got inspired by all the people I saw and I bought some large format glass photo slides with some cool black and white images on them…I already have an idea for those beauties.

Today I drug out one of my sketchbooks and realized that I need to spend more time working in them.  If my students found out how little I work in my sketchbook…yowza, I would not hear the end of it.  Thank goodness they are way too cool to read their teacher’s blog…ha ha.

Anywho, Today I worked on people, trying to go for something between realism and, well, I guess not realism.  Here’s my peeps:

Right, so I wanna put these folks into my stories and with a bit more tweaking, some just might make it.

So that’s it, and now I gotta go have ice cream, because that’s one of the other things you do on a long weekend…YEEHAA!

Take care and thanks for reading


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