New Work: Old but New Textile

Just recently I realized that:

1. I have not been blogging, and

2. Despite the name of my blog, I haven’t really written about or shown any of my textiles.

Good thing I finally finished two projects that I have been working on for quite some time.

Here is one of the two:


This is a textile that I started when I was living in Bangladesh and really was kind of clueless when putting the base layer together. Each of the fabrics were hand dyed by me using some clamp and stitch resists. Most of the fabrics are over dyed to create more texture and richer colors. At the time of construction, my only quilting experience was with the log cabin quilt. Luckily I wanted to construct with squares and rectangles. The goal was to create a birdseye view of a neighborhood map. I really love the structure of city and neighborhood maps and thought I would attempt to create one here. Then I did some stitch in the ditch to quilt it. Then I moved to another country and the quilt fell asleep until I drug it out about a month ago.


Here is a detail of what I added. I used silk organza that I hand dyed to create the people and the buildings and stitched them on with this great cream-colored button thread. At first I was going to continue layering rectangles with the organza, however that seemed to predictable and boring…so I thought I would continue with the idea of the map and use generic people to create a crowd that seemed to be marching to the city. I wanted the people and the buildings to be transparent, to give the idea that they were either emerging from the map, being sucked into the map, or perhaps hovering…my thoughts on that change regularly.

Anyway, there are times when I look at it that I know exactly what it means, and then…no clue, which is OK by me. Too much explaining leads to very little original thought by the viewer. I am happy to have completed it. I am happy to be back sharing with you. I would love to hear your thoughts about this old but new piece. I’ll share the other one with you real soon!

Take care and thanks for reading.


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