Just Pictures: Vermont

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted…I blame it on moving countries, houses, studios, oh and summer glorious summer.  More on my life transitions later, right now I want to share my trip to Vermont that I went on about a month ago.

Vermont is an beautiful place.  I had never been, but WOW, I fell in love instantly with its wildness and with the determination of Vermonters to keep it that way.  We spent time hanging out in swimming holes, in a community garden, on hiking trails, and with some wonderful people.

Check it out…



Take care and thanks for reading!


Just Pictures: the last 24 hours or the sky is falling….

June 6th…the movers came, packed up my stuff…

and then they and everything else, were gone…

June 7th, started with a trip to a very sterile doctor’s office…the packers packed my inhaler!

Then to school, here is the lake I walk by everyday and today I finally took a picture..


Off to an art show with friends…

Jet Stream chicks (although that was not the real name)



Walking to dinner with my pal Ali, it was like a Pissarro painting because, surprize…it was grey and rainy.


Then the sky started to fall



And then I realized it was time to head inside or get blown away…sleep time.


Take care and thanks for reading!

What inspires me: Isolation

I have long been a fan of Edward Hopper, I love the subject matter of his work, capturing every day scenes and filling them with different emotions such as loneliness, isolation, and boredom.  The figures in his paintings, their expressions, their body language, their quiet interactions, help to convey the mood of isolation in his work, but for me, I feel it most from his use of dramatic light and shadow.

Edward Hopper "Summer in the City"

In this painting the woman and her emotions are highlighted through Hopper’s dramatic and somewhat structured use of light.  I can almost hear her saying “what am I doing, where am I going,” and feel her loneliness despite her company.


I particularly love this painting by Hopper, “Sun in an Empty Room”  It is bleak, but it is warm, it’s uncomfortable, but it is also inviting.  This is a place you can go to look out the window and wonder.

Edward Hopper "Sun in an Empty Room"

I have been thinking about how I can put some of Hopper in my own work. On a recent trip to Copenhagen to visit some dear friends, I used my iTouch and Hipstamatic application to capture some images of landscapes and buildings as I was moving along in the train headed to their house.   At times I like the Hipstamatic because it seems like it can produce magic with the simplest effects.  Here are some of my images that have been inspired by Hopper….

I like the low dull winter light in these…

What’s next for these photographs?  I am not quite sure, but I think I might use them for some etchings.  How will I keep exploring Hopper?  I would like to continue to capture some of his ideas with photography, using some lovely laundromats we have here in Brussels.  The light, the metal, and the repetition of shapes and forms found in the laundromats appeals to me and conveys a deep sense of isolation, boredom, and loneliness.  I am excited to see if I can capture the mood I am looking for and share it with you.

Take care and thanks for reading!