Ouch! My Fingers Hurt….New Work

I cringe as I type, two fingers on my right hand are sore, callused, and permanently molded to hold my X-Acto knife.

I am excited to say that I just finished my largest and most complicated papercut to date.  It’s filled patterns, swirls, and nature….all things I love.  It evolved quite a bit in the process, such as making the tree top bigger and adding more patterns in large open spaces. (see below):

I was inspired by many ideas for this piece, but mostly my future and moving forward to a new phase of life.  In a few short weeks I will be relocating back to Asheville, NC to focus more on the creative aspect of my life and to start to build a new community.  I am excited and anxious, but mostly I just cannot wait to get started.  I think the imagery in the piece can speak for itself, and if it’s not obvious, that’s OK, you can make up your own stories, that’s the beauty of art.

Here are some more pictures of the work as it progressed:

These are my tools…check out those teeny tiny scissors….I love them and they give my fingers a nice break.

Here is the final piece.  I have a few decisions yet to make on the work such as:

1. Do I want to keep it on white paper?

2. Do I want to give the paper a coffee wash?

3. Do I want a different color for each section of the work? i.e. light blue for the sky or green for the hills.

For now I will leave it on this off white paper.  In a couple of days it will get packed up with my other stuff and put on a boat headed for the US.  I’ll revisit the questions above in a couple of month when I see it again with fresh eyes.  In the meantime, feel free to give me your opinions.

Take care and thanks for reading!


Friets with a side of mayo

Sometimes I just gotta create, even when I don’t have ideas or perhaps they are not very profound,  I need to make something every couple of days to keep from twitching, or at least that is what my friend Lauren says.  When I am in that mood and don’t know what to create, I make a little mixed media piece based on something that has happened during the day, be it some thing I saw or phrase I heard, it’s just enough to get the creative juices flowing….

This piece entitled “Dear Diary”, is about feeling out of place, like a fish out of water or in this case, a black bird on a bicycle.  The text in the back is a diary entry that deals with just that notion of being out of place and isolated.

During meetings I have this tendency to draw these goofy characters, more and more they are making their way into my work.  Here these characters just don’t know what to say, “Blah, blah, blah” is that moment in time when you want to say everything but can’t say anything.

“My Boots are Heavy Without You,”  I read the phrase “my boots are heavy” in the book Extremely Close and Incredibly Loud, (way before it became a film) and fell in love with it.  I have been away from my sweetie almost 6 months, and my boots are real heavy.

One day at school I was messing around with a release print after printing an image of a heart on a transparency.  By the time I got home I saw the heart as a head, and drew a portrait. The rest of the imagery just started pouring out as I was creating.   I call this piece “A Portrait of What it Looks Like to Think with Your Heart.”

Many of these pieces were done in a day or even in a few hours.  It’s my belief that not every artwork has to take weeks and months to create in order to be special.  Each of these pieces helped me deal with issues I have been having that come with being away from the ones I love.  Some people write, some play music, I like to make stuff.  I hope you all have some kind of outlet that allows you to move through your challenges.

Take care and thank you for reading.